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San Diego | Orange Fluid System Technologies

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Natural Gas Applications

Swagelok's track record aligns perfectly with alternative fuels and natural gas; Swagelok is used thousands of infrastructure projects, vehicles and natural gas conversions, locally in Southern California and around the world. Swagelok is focused on making integrators and OEMs more competitive with supply chain capabilities that include emergency product delivery services, large scale inventory management and inventory consignment options.

Swagelok products meet strict manufacturing quality requirements to ensure that products perform optimally and consistently – without failure. Several of our products also meet or exceed compliance and standard measures including AGA, CGA, CSA, ECE, ISO, NGV, and PED.

We can help with:

The top products for CNG applications. 

CNC Tube Bending and Fuel Line Integration

Fuel line assemblies are just one of the solutions Swagelok brings to alternative fuel vehicle integrators, fleet operators, and OEMs. Besides local CNC-tube bending in San Diego, Swagelok offers engineered-to-order products (ETOP) for specialized applications and standardized configuration methods to ensure consistent, high-quality craftsmanship.

CNG Priority Panels

Swagelok can deliver on every product needed to build a priority panel. It is the “heart” of a compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling station; it is the central conduit of gas flow and pressure control from the CNG station compressor to the dispenser. The primary function of the priority panel is to determine and control gas flow from the storage banks to deliver fast fueling to vehicles.

Dispensing Systems

OEMs that build CNG dispensers can use Swagelok products to convey CNG from the compressor to the nozzle of the pump. The dispensing system is comprised of two parts: 1) the compressor, the underground storage system that holds the natural gas at high pressures and 2) the dispensing system that transfers natural gas from the compressor to the fuel pump to the fuel port on-vehicle. 

Heavy Duty Refueling Boxes

The on-board refueling box can use Swagelok for the receptacle for the fill hose, plus gauges and other fluid system components to direct fuel to the on-board tanks and the vehicle’s engine.

Hose Applications

Swagelok offers a variety of robust, high flow hoses for CNG applications including fill stations and other natural gas delivery systems.

Orbital Welding 

High Volume Swaging 

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