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San Diego | Orange Fluid System Technologies

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Leak-Tight Fluid Systems Enable Safe Underwater Discovery

“When I travel to the depths of the sea, I rely on the machines that take me there,” says Academy Award-winning director James Cameron. He should know. Using deep sea submersibles, he’s made dozens of dives to the sites of the Titanic and German warship Bismarck, as well as volcanic rifts that support life forms unlike any other on Earth.

In his 3-D IMAX® film “Aliens of the Deep,” a documentary about the amazing creatures found in depths far beyond the reach of sunlight, two major supporting stars are the Deep Rover submersibles. These vessels made it possible to film sights never before seen by the viewing public. At several thousand feet below the surface, flawless operation was critical. A single malfunction could have resulted in sudden death for the crew. The Swagelok organization was there to help ensure safety and success.

A longtime leader in maritime and shipbuilding applications, Swagelok provides the leak-tight fluid systems for submersibles and other underwater applications, such as oil and gas rigs. Swagelok provided major fluid systems and components for both Deep Rovers. From more than 200 yards of tubing to more than 30 valves to nearly as many fittings, Swagelok® components were central to the crafts’ main operating and emergency systems.