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San Diego | Orange Fluid System Technologies

Your Authorized Swagelok Product and Service Center

Essential Oil Extraction


Swagelok is no stranger to essential oil extraction processes – solvent, steam distillation and supercritical CO2 extraction – and understands unfailing reliability is a requirement. When gas and fluids like supercritical CO2 are involved, it helps to know the reputation of the products you are working with.  

Swagelok's expertise in closed loop instrumentation means we have the correct components to maximize safety and efficiency. Swagelok offers a complete line of fluid system components that complement extraction applications.

From assembly to training on safe product selection and installation practices, your local team is a nearby resource for getting your systems up and running. Our Will Call office is open Monday- Friday 8AM to 5PM. Call 858-320-4000 for pre-ordering.

The Top Products for Essential Oil Extraction:

Tube Fittings 

1/16" to 2" with excellent gas-tight sealing and tube-gripping action, easily achieved installation, consistent reassembly and excellent vibration fatigue resistance and tube support. 


Fluorpolymer Hose Assemblies

Stainless Steel Tubing

Pressure and Temperature Measurement Devices


Tools and Equipment