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Swagelok Marine

In Southernmost California, we are experienced with oceanographic and diving applications, in addition to a variety of vessels, including the U.S. Navy third fleet. We had key involvement with the USNS Mercy ship. Beyond supplying parts, Swagelok partners with global thought leaders to advance innovative ideas, monitor trends and help solve problems you encounter. 

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A note on piping versus tubing:

Many applications depend on fluid delivery sent through piping systems. Unfortunately, cutting, welding and threading hard pipe is not a quick process. It is slow and labor intensive. A better alternative may be stainless steel tubing. Stainless steel tubing, instead of hard pipe, can greatly simplify installation and maintenance. Rather than hard turns with connectors, tubing can be bent to shape, reducing cost  and potential leakage points. 

Examples of past installations include:

Vessel: Surface Ships
Application: HP Air Ring Main
Pressure: 4000 psi (276 bar)
Services: GT Air Start, DG Air Start, Emergency Generator Air Start, Magazine Spray, Ship Sirens, Shaft Breaks, Magnetic Brakes for MCMV's, Special Service Air, Diving Air, Breathing Air (Fire Fighting), HP/LP Reducers

Swagelok Tube Fittings

HP air systems have often utilized connections that employ elastomeric o'ring sealing technology. Due to the effects of compression set of the elastomeric, the HP air system has been susceptible to leakage and system performance can be compromised as a result.

The Swagelok twin ferrule fitting is a mechanical seal, with no soft parts. The immediate benefit is that the systems can be flattened and maintained within operational Fleet Time without risk of leakage. This has resulted in less operational defects, more system and equipment up time – 'Fit and Forget!’

Swagelok VB03 and VB04 Double Block and Bleed Valves

Traditionally equipment and systems are susceptible to unscheduled down time due to poor performance and reliability of the valves employing elastomeric sealing technology.

Swagelok VB03 and VB04 Double Block and Bleed provide reliable two valve isolation (a safety requirement) allowing maintenance of systems and equipment. This has improved operational up time. Ships operators and maintenance personnel are experiencing improved system efficiency due to tighter zoning and more reliable safety shut off.

Vessels:                  Landing Platform/Dock (LPD), Guided Missile Destroyers (DDG), Landing Helicopter Assault
Application: Hydraulics and Water Mist for Fire Suppression
Pressure: 3750 psi (259 bar)
Services: Doors, Elevators, Anchor Windlass, Steering

Tube Fittings and W60 Series Valves

Piping was used extensively in the vessels. This posed a number of problems. The pipe leaked, required rework and was difficult and time-consuming to install.

Swagelok converted the vessels from pipe to tubing. This helped the US Navy achieve savings over welded pipe and performance improvements over competitive tube fittings.

This tube assembly does not have the same leakage potential, requires less rework and is easier to install. Also, tubing is 4 X faster to install than the previously used pipe. This means greater efficiency and reduced labor costs.