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Tube Fitting Advantage

Swagelok's Tube Fitting Advantage

Watch the Swagelok tube fitting video demonstration here.

1. Tube grip

When it comes to Tube Grip, the Swagelok fitting's hinging and colleting action provides more material of the back ferrule onto the tube adjacent to the grip. This extra material provides direct axial support to the tube, unlike a bowing or bite type ferrule. This provides a more robust tube grip over a wide range of installations and contains the fluid system without leakage, even at maximum working power.

2. Gas Seal

Tube Fitting gas sealThe Swagelok tube fitting two ferrule design creates a gas seal from the burnishing that occurs between the front ferrule and the tube fitting body and between the front ferrule and tubing, without the impact on the tubing itself.


3. Vibration Resistance

When there is bending, deflection and vibration, single ferrule and bite-type twin ferrules fittings can create points of concentrated stress on the tubing. There is potential for damage to the tube or a pull out Tube fitting vibrationreaction. The hinging and colleting action of the Swagelok tube fitting design directs more span of the back ferrule to close contact with the tube, reducing the damaging effects of vibration.

If you doubt the superior performance and unfailing reliability of the Swagelok tube fitting, I encourage you to visit with one of our engineers to better understand the design, metallurgy and testing that supports this. Not only is the Swagelok tube fitting the only one approved directly by the U.S. Navy, but we can share extensive performance testing data and Finite Element Analysis data to support this."