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2018 Product Changes

Notification of Change Level 1

Swagelok has earned a reputation for unmatched quality and consistency at the component level. We are committed to maintaining this reputation while continuing to grow and improve our product offering. At times, this requires changes to the form, fit or function of our core products.

This Level 1 - Notification of Change sets forth changes to one or more of the products you may have purchased from Swagelok or an authorized Swagelok sales and service center. Prior to release, each change listed was carefully evaluated in accordance with the Swagelok Quality System, to minimize impact to you, our end customer. 

A Level 1 Notification relates to an applicable* change impacting Form, Fit and/or Function ("FFF") or the cosmetic appearance of a standard product. "Standard product" is any product that does not include a customer specified product or process attribute and can be purchased by any customer. This includes off-catalog product that can be assembled through designators, assemble to order ("ATO"), make to order ("MTO"), product produced by other means.

Unless otherwise noted, all changes are rolling changes and will take some time to flow through our global inventory. If you have questions regarding the impact of this change on your applications, please contact your local authorized Swagelok sales and service center representative. They, along with regional technology centers, and trained field engineers, are available to assist you.

The Following Level 1 Changes were communicated in 2018:   

Effective Date: December 18, 2018
Product Name: Laser Marking Changes for Direct-Mount Manifolds (VE Series) and Modular Instrumentation System (Modular 85)

Description and Reason for Change:

In the spirit of continuous improvement, Swagelok is simplifying the manufacturing process for the VE series and Mod 85 system manifolds as we relocate production from the Isle of Man to Solon, Ohio. This will improve production speed, flexibility, and ultimately shorten lead times once the process changes are fully implemented in 2019. 

As a part of the new process, the laser marking has been changed to be consistent with the marking on the V series manifolds. The following is now included on the valve body marking:
• Valve diagram
• Body material
• Packing material
• Working pressure rating
• Temperature rating
• End connections 

Effective Date: December 1, 2018
Product Name: 2D (Two-Dimensional) Barcodes Added to Additional High Purity Products
Description and Reason for Change: 

One of the ways Swagelok lives its core value of quality is to implement technologies that help enhance product quality. Establishing a unique identification number for each valve body and applying a 2D barcode to the product allows the product's progress to be tracked through assembly operations. This unique ID also links the valve to a rigid verification process to ensure the valve's assembly to factory specifications. 

In 2012, we began applying 2D barcodes to H, HB, HG, HK, and HS series bellows valves. Effective December 1, 2018, 2D barcodes will begin to be applied to ALD, DE, DF, DL, DP, and DS series valves. 
There are no other changes to the product marking. Product will transition over time so both marking styles may be seen in shipments until current inventory is depleted. We continue to investigate adding a 2D barcode to other products and expect to implement it on more products in the coming months.

Important: Although 2D barcodes are similar in appearance to QR (Quick Response) codes used in various media, the underlying code language is different. Specific equipment is needed to read the 2D barcode.

Effective Date: December 1, 2018
Product Name: Packaging Change for Select General Industry Valve Products

Description and Reason for Change: 

As part of our continuous improvement effort, we are making a change to the packaging of the product series listed below. We will no longer individually bag each valve prior to shipment. Each product will be packaged in a box along with the appropriate instruction cards and protective materials as previously shipped.

This will improve throughput of our assembly operations. It will also significantly reduce the amount of plastic used for packaging our products, while retaining the high-quality appearance in which we take pride. Significant shipping tests have been performed to verify that this change will not affect performance of the product, cause damage to body or handle appearance, or generate undesirable particles.  Product series include:

  • 60 series ball valves, AFS series ball valves, SK series ball valves
  • 0, 1, 18 series needle valves
  • GU series needle valve, Sno-trik needle valves
  • 95 and 96 series actuators

Effective Date: October 2018
Product Name: NACE MR0175 Compliant Alloy 2507 Fitting Ordering Requirements
Description and Reason for Change:

As project activity in the oil and gas industry has increased, we have seen more project specifications that require NACE MR0175 compliance for alloy 2507 fittings. When we evaluated moving these fittings to higher volume machining platforms, we found that our manufacturing processes could impact NACE compliance. 

In order to properly define these parts in manufacturing and ensure delivery of fully compliant NACE fittings, the SG2 designator will be added to the ordering number of alloy 2507 fittings that need to meet the NACE specification. This aligns with the information provided in Alloy 2507 Super Duplex Tube, Pipe, and Weld Fittings, NACE MR0175 Compliant, MS-06-115.

Effective Date: October 2018
Product Name: Cutting Tool for Hose and Soft Tubing Color Change
Description and Reason for Change:

A strong supply chain is a main priority for Swagelok, as is maintaining a consistent price from a supplier when possible. To prevent a price increase for the hose and soft tubing cutting tool, the color of the cutting tool, MS-HC-SC-1A, will be changing from blue to red.
Implementation will begin immediately. Product will transition over time so both colors may be seen in shipments until current inventory is depleted.

Effective Date: Sept 2018
Product Name: 
Snoop® Packaging Change
Description and Reason for Change:

In the spirit of continuous improvement Swagelok is updating the packaging for 2 ounce, 8 ounce, and gallon Snoop® products. The new packaging will reduce the overall size of the carton and eliminate extraneous dividers, pads, and spacers within the inner boxes. The new packaging has been thoroughly tested to ensure sufficient protection for the product during shipping.
The packaging for the following ordering numbers is affected:
Packaging for certified Snoop process sheets will also be affected. Size and quantity of product per carton are unchanged. 

Effective Date: August 2018
Product Name: 
Coating Change for Hand Tube Bender
Description and Reason for Change:

Swagelok is continuously evaluating ways to improve our products. The coating on the Swagelok hand tube cutter, MS-TC-308, will be changing to a textured one, giving it a more ergonomic feel and allowing for better gripping. It will also provide a more consistent finish.
The new coating is a textured powdered paint. No other changes to the product are being made. The ordering number will remain the same. Implementation of the new coating will begin immediately. Product will transition over time so both coating types may be seen in shipments until current inventory is depleted.

Effective Date: July 1, 2018
Product Name: Changes in Certifications for NG Series Nylon Hose
Description and Reason for Change:

To meet the needs of customers in the alternative fuels industry, Swagelok has offered NG series hose with NGV and ECE R110 certification. While NGV 3.1 Class B and NGV 4.2 Class A certifications will continue to be available, Swagelok will no longer maintain the NGV 4.2 Class D and ECE R110 certifications for the NG Series hose due to lack of demand and high compliance maintenance costs.

• NGV3.1 pertains to on-vehicle applications outside the engine compartment, with pressures up to 3,600 psi (248 bar) and temperatures up to 185°F (85°C).  
• NGV4.2 Class A covers dispensing systems, i.e., filling station applications, with a maximum allowable working pressure of 5,000 psi (344 bar) and temperatures up to 150°F (65°C). (Class D allows for temperatures up to 185°F (85°C) with a maximum working pressure of 5,000 psi (344 bar).

Effective Date: July 1, 2018
Product Name: VCR® Metal Gasket Face Seal Fittings Literature Correction
Description and Reason for Change:

Swagelok's product literature is periodically reviewed to ensure the information provided is as complete as possible and accurate. It was recently discovered some product ratings within the VCR® Metal Gasket Face Seal Fittings catalog, MS-01-24, did not accurately reflect the rating of the product, primarily those using a copper (CU) gasket.
The product design, process, and performance have not changed. Only the representation of the product rating in the product literature is being corrected.
Product ratings are determined by the lowest rating of the individual product components, i.e. body rating, end connection rating, or gasket material rating. In several cases, VCR fittings using a Cu gasket indicated a lower rating than actual when the incorrect individual component rating was used as the overall product rating. In a few cases, the incorrect gasket material rating was used, resulting in those fittings indicating a higher rating than actual.
The PDF excerpt of MS-01-24 with the corrected ratings highlighted is available here. The catalog is updated and released.

Effective Date: July 2018
Product Name: Plating Process Change – VCR® Split-Nut Assemblies
Description and Reason for Change:

As a part of our efforts to continuously improve and optimize manufacturing processes, the silver plating process for VCR® split-nut assemblies is being changed, resulting in an appearance change for the beveled edge of the split-nut. Improved supply chain stability will result as well as reduced rework during the manufacturing process.

VCR split-nuts are first plated with silver, then put into a chemical solution to strip the silver from the external surfaces of the nut halves. Previously, the beveled surface at the top of the nut halves was masked, or covered, during the second part of the process. This is being discontinued going forward, leaving the silver plating on the beveled surface. This will not affect the function or fit and no other changes are being made to the split-nut assemblies.

Implementation of the new process will begin in July 2018. Product will transition over time as current inventory is consumed. During the transition period you may see components that have been processed through both methods within an order or assembly.

Effective Date: April 3rd, 2018
Product Name: Pressure Ratings for 3/4 and 1 Inch Alloy C-276 Tube Fittings
Description and Reason for Change:

As a part of our continuing effort to expand our product offering, we are pleased to announce that effectively immediately 3/4 and 1 inch Alloy C-276 tube fittings are now rated per the table on page 11 of the Tubing Data Sheet

There are two modifications made to the design of these sizes in Alloy C-276 from standard: 

  • Back ferrule geometry has been changed from traditional geometry to advanced-geometry.
  • SAT 12 processing has been added to both the back and front ferrules.

To reflect a difference in these sizes, new ordering numbers have been created.

  • HC-1210 now HC-1230
  • HC-1610 now HC-1630

Fractional Alloy C-276 Tubing: Allowable working pressures are based on equations from ASME B31.3 and ASME B31.1 for a maximum S value of 20 000 psi (137.8 MPa).

Effective Date: March 12, 2018
Product Name: Hardware Material Change for 304L, 321 and 347 Stainless Steel Tube Fittings
Description and Reason for Change:

Swagelok is always looking for ways to improve our products and provide additional benefits to customers. To utilize the advanced-geometry, hinging-colleting back ferrule design and the SAT12 process for 304L, 321, and 347 stainless steel tube fittings, the hardware (nut, front ferrule and back ferrule) has been converted to standard 316 stainless steel. This enables:

  • Fully-rated product offerings in 304L, 321 and 347
  • Reduced lead times as a result of a streamlined supply chain
  • The fitting body material does not change.

These material combinations will work in most general industrial applications, with the exception of nitric acid. For nitric acid applications, customers can order one of three options which utilize Alloy 825 components:

  1. HW: 304L SS body, Alloy 825 front ferrule, 316 SS back ferrule and nut (Ex. 304L–600–6HW)
  2. HW2: 304L SS body and all Alloy 825 hardware (Ex. 304L–600–6HW2)
  3. All Alloy 825 tube fittings (Ex. 825-600-6)

Effective Date: March 1, 2018
Product Name: Replacement Flowmeter For The M3 / MH Model
Description and Reason for Change:

We are continually looking for ways to improve our product offerings and provide more benefit to customers. As a part of that effort, Swagelok is phasing out the M3 / MH model flowmeters and replacing them with the more sophisticated M4 / M4H model.
The new model comes with standard aluminum housing and all electronics have a intrinsically-safe, non-incendiary design. These changes give us several advantages to the old design including:

  • Extended modularity for electronics (LCD, 2-wire bus powered communication, totalizer)
  • Higher ingress protection
  • A stainless steel option

The proven mechanical construction of the flowmeter is unchanged, with identical measuring cones, floats, measuring ranges, pressure and temperature rating, and pressure drop. This will be a running change with a goal for a complete transition of March 1, 2018.  After this date, the M3 and MH models will no longer be available. Ordering number logic is the same with the exception of the model code changing to M4 and M4H. The product catalog, Variable Area Flowmeters, G Series and M Series, MS-02-346, will be updated by March 1.

Effective Date: February 1, 2018
Product Name: Electrically Heated Vaporizing Pressure-Reducing Regulators
Description and Reason for Change:
As apart of our continuous improvement efforts, and to update documentation as it relates to product certifications, KEV series pressure regulators will begin shipping with the following updates beginning February 1st, 2018:
1. New indicator light patterns which more clearly identify over-heat, power-up, and normal operating modes. These indicator light patterns are described within KEV Series Electrically Heated Vaporizing Pressure Reducing Regulators: Instructions For Use, MS-CRD-KEV1.
2. Updated references within MS-CRD-KEV1 to align with the most recent versions of CSA, ATEX and IECEx certifications.

Effective Date: January 2018
Product Name: All-Metal Hose Assemblies
Description and Reason for Change:
As part of our continuous improvement efforts, we will be transitioning the assembly marking on FJ, FL, and FM all-metal hose from the current blue tags, which are wrapped around the hose, to a laser mark on one of the end connections. The new laser marking will include the same information as the blue tag, is far more durable, and provides traceability in a high quality presentation of all important information pertaining to a full hose assembly. This change will be occurring by the end of January 2018. 

Additionally, the stamped welder identification mark and working pressure rating will no longer be stamped into the end connection. Laser marking the order identification number permits the phase-out of the stamped mark. The pressure rating will also be included as part of the laser marked information. 

A sample of the laser marking content is as follows:
SS-FJ16KC16KC16-42 680 PSI 1735 0123456789
[Includes hose assembly ordering number, pressure rating, 4-digit date code (2 digits for year and 2 digits for week number), and 10 digit SAP order batch number (providing traceability)]

Effective Date: January 2018
Product Name: Threaded Sensors on High-Purity Valves
Description and Reason for Change:
As a continuous improvement effort, we are replacing the adhesive-backed, Factory Set labels with indicator paste on all high-purity valves that use a threaded sensor including DP, ALD3 and ALD6 Series. The ALD3E Series is not impacted. This change will begin in mid-January. 

This change is being made to eliminate the possibility of the label becoming loose. The paste provides a more reliable indication that the sensor was set properly and not changed. The sensor has to be carefully set to ensure that it correctly indicates that the valve has been actuated. After the nut is tightened down, the sensor should not be adjusted. Adhesive-backed Field Set labels are still available for use when sensors are installed in the field.

Effective Date: January 2018
Product Name: Material Change to Brass QC4 Series DESO Stems
Description and Reason for Change:
In the spirit of continuous improvement, we are transitioning from brass to 316 SS DESO stem retainers for QC4 series Instrumentation Quick-Connects. 316 SS will provide a more consistent crimp performance, translating to more consistent assembly, testing, and field performance. The transition will occur in the first quarter of 2018. 


* Applicable changes which would require notification to a Distributor or end user include changes which impact the form, fit or function of a product attribute or measurement as described in Swagelok data readily available to customers or when a change is made that is cosmetically detectable to the customer.

Effective Date: 6/1/17

Product Name: Snoop Liquid Leak Detector