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San Diego | Orange Fluid System Technologies

Your Authorized Swagelok Product and Service Center

Engineering & Technical Experience

Jonathan Burris

Jonathan Burris

Dir. Engineering/ Mfg

Swagelok Field Engineer


Engineering - 20 Yrs

Mark Baran

Services Manager

Swagelok Field Engineer

Tech Experience- 18 Yrs

Peter Hark

Sales Manager

B.S. Optics

Engineering - 22 Yrs


Monet Williams

Project Lead Engineer

B.S. Mech Engineering


Harry Kimball

Harry Kimball

Senior Acct Manager, San Diego; Trainer

Swagelok - 36 Yrs

Paul Lestrange

Paul LeStrange

Senior Acct Manager, Inland Empire; Natural Gas

Swagelok - 30 Yrs

Bob Sellers

Bob Sellers

Senior Acct Manager, OC

Swagelok - 34 Yrs

Randy Kinney

Integrator Lead

B.S. Mech Engineering

Engineering - 30 Yrs

Kayla Shaw

Business Administrator


Andrew Cugino