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In recent months we have all faced some dramatic changes in our day to day interactions and the way we conduct business, whether your workstation changed or there are fewer people in your office to help get you what you need. Swagelok and San Diego Fluid System Technologies remain committed to supporting our customers in their operations at a high level for fluid system solutions.

In particular, in Southern California we are exploring ways we can best service our customers in the critical sectors that are, no doubt, facing both increased demands to deliver and tightening of available resources. These challenged resources may range from supply chain impacts and labor restrictions due to distance to heightened sanitation efforts and access to collaboration.

Please take this opportunity to review these ways to overcome challenges you may encounter.

Specification and Ordering Assistance

Your Swagelok representatives are still available at the phone numbers you know, whether it is your area technical representative or our customer service team. Feel free to call us directly to address your needs or use these tools:

  • The Swagelok Estore is a streamlined tool for submitting your quote and order requests. Pricing and estimated delivery times are available for thousands of regionally stocked parts. Researching and using tools like the shopping cart and history features allows for tracking and reduces the number of back and forth communications that may otherwise occur with general email submissions. You can also directly input a credit card for payment, saving you time and effort on email communication.
  • Look to Swagelok catalogs for detailed product information and part number assistance. 
  • Request an Electronic Desktop Technical Reference (Edtr) for direct access to specification materials.
  • Request your order history directly from San Diego Fluid System Technologies for a part number and usage reference.

Technical Assistance

You may be working remotely or with a smaller staff in place to identify parts and complete systems. If this is the case, our team can help investigate and move projects along by taking work off of your engineering team.

  • Technical support is available via our general phone and email contact, but you can also text or email your area technical representative directly if you have detailed technical or engineering questions or concerns.
  • Our field engineers are skilled at SolidWorks and offer assistance in completing key aspects of projects such as:
    • CAD Design
    • Technical support with component identification
    • Technical support with system design
    • P & ID Development
    • Fitting system to space

Teamwork and Issue Resolution

In this environment, you may find it increasingly difficult to coordinate with the right people to make decisions and move complex projects forward. 

Contact your area's technical representative (account manager) if you would like them to help coordinate a group meeting via conference to get information, discuss product options or have general discussion on pending issues. We use Microsoft Teams regularly and find that it can help enable discussions, whether significant input is needed from Swagelok or you just need a coordinator. 

Likewise, we can work with you to use video tools to see your systems up close to help resolve issues you are facing. While it may not seem as beneficial as seeing it in person, our field engineers can understand what you are seeing and help you establish a plan to resolve it. 


Read more here for ideas on working together while physically apart