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Swagelok Fitting Demonstration

Swagelok is known for its tube fittings and their exceptional performance. But do you know what leads to such low leak rates?

This demonstration by our founder, Fred Lennon, explains what is happening at each quarter turn during installation of a Swagelok tube fitting. This is the low tech but highly interactive way of showing the functioning of the fittings. For years, this design has provided the effect that Swagelok customers around the world have come to trust, unfailing reliability and peace of mind.

In simple terms: 


Technical recreation:

As video technology has improved, we now have excellent graphics that can demonstrate exactly what is going on in a cross-sectional representation. Below is our Finite Element Analysis (FEA) video that explains how the fittings stay on and how they produce a gas-proof barrier. The step-by-step analysis starts at :44, before that is a brief explanation of the mathematical model is used to create the imagery.


Installation how-to:

Although our way of describing why our fittings perform so well has changed dramatically in the last 70 years, our fittings have maintained a strong reputation over that entire period. Understanding proper installation will help you to maximize these design features and build systems with fittings that you can rely on for the long run, with the complete peace of mind of the unique Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty.

If you would like to find out about more elements that contribute to the high level of performance for Swagelok fittings, learn more about the Tube Fitting Advantage.