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San Diego | Orange Fluid System Technologies

Your Authorized Swagelok Product and Service Center

Although most of the time all the information you need can be found directly from the Swagelok website or from our local team, there are times when more specialty assistance is necessary. That is why the Swagelok Field Engineering team was created.  This dedicated group of engineers were selected for their experience in fluid systems and underwent extensive training to get certified for the role. They are now able to providing in depth customer support that surpasses a conventional distributor. Field engineer

San Diego Fluid System Technologies is proud to be home of one of only 19 Field Engineers covering the entire United States. Jon Burris, our Director of Engineering, also helps provide engineering expertise to customers across the nation.

Jon helps our local customers by offering guidance as to how to make their facilities operate at peak performance. He can suggest system improvements, offer life-cycle cost analyses, as well as provide safety training and installation guidance.

We know that technical knowledge is essential to our customers' success, so we are here to provide potential solutions to the toughest challenges.