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San Diego | Orange Fluid System Technologies

Your Authorized Swagelok Product and Service Center

Not everyone knows that they can meet their tubing needs along with their valves and fittings at Swagelok. We partner with only suppliers that can make it through our vigorous supplier certification process, ensuring that all tubing received lives up to Swagelok's specifications. 
Because we monitor the quality of our products after they are manufactured, but the materials they are made of, it saves our customers time. Not only is there no need to vet suppliers (we do that for you), it is one-stop shopping.  There can be peace of mind since all of our tubing comes with Swagelok's Limited Lifetime Warranty, just like all the rest of our product lines.
In addition to the ease of purchase and the warranty, there is another important reason to select Swagelok tubing: It meets, and in many cases exceeds, industry standards. 
Lots of companies sell ASTM certified tubing. We have set tighter tolerances than what is permitted under ASTM. This allows us to provide our customers with greater consistency and for many specifications, a higher quality product. Our Tubing Data sheet outlines our requirements.

If any of these elements are important to your application, let us give you a quote the next time you have tubing needs. See for yourself the difference Swagelok's quality standards can make.