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Facing the Realities of Today's Workforce Shortage


The manufacturing industry is experiencing a workforce shortage. The demand for skilled technicians has been on the rise for years. Manufacturers have reported a gap between the talent needed to keep their business growing and the talent they can actually find.

According to a report done by the AED Equipment Industry Report, six out of ten open skilled production positions are unfilled due to a talent shortage. 64% of facilities believe that this shortage will only increase over the next 3 to 5 years.

These shortages affect business, productivity, and profitability. Business “may be forgoing 11% of earning and 9% of revenue due to the skills gap and the inability to hire qualified workers,” the study states.

The skilled workforce availability has been blamed on several factors. There is a mismatch between the skills that businesses are looking for in employees and the skills that are present in the workforce. 87% of manufacturing executives believe that is a result of knowledge and skills not being learned.

Make the most of your workforce

Empowering your operators with the tools and knowledge they need to be successful is paramount in this industry climate. Don’t let the availability of a skilled workforce affect your bottom line.

Ensuring your workforce is properly educated is the leading step you can take to make your organization more effective. Investing in your workforce is a proven strategy.

Not only will your employees gain knowledge, but training helps to improve loyalty, staff retention, and morale.

We can help

San Diego Fluid System Technologies offers several options to assist in educating your workforce.

In House

Several times a year we host training sessions at our office in San Diego. Our Swagelok certified trainers will take your team to the next level, teaching techniques and methods only our experts know.

At your facility

With a group of 6 students or more, our Swagelok product specialist will train in your facility.


Swagelok University brings you the convenience of learning on your schedule. Comprehensive training and education programs are accessible as instructor led or self-paced.

To bridge the skill gap, consider leaning on your suppliers or third party specialists for detailed training in critical areas of your operations.

Learn more here.

Posted by Laura Ferguson, Marketing Coordinator