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San Diego | Orange Fluid System Technologies

Your Authorized Swagelok Product and Service Center

We can make your job easier. By using local Swagelok Custom Solutions services, you receive a complete and tested assembly, ready to install. Examples of our capabilities include:

Panels  Assemblies Services 
Valve Control Panels  Stream Selecting Custom Bent & High Volume Tube Shapes
Sample Station Panels Orbital Welded Sub-assemblies 3rd Party Sourcing
Gas Distribution Panels Custom Manifolds Swaged Tubing and Threading
Regulator panels Instrument Enclosures Instrument Air Manifolds
Changeover Panels Fluid Distribution Headers Component Fabrication
Purge Gas Control Panels Industrial Hose Assemblies CAD Services
Instrumentation Panels CNG & LNG Hoses Design Optimization
Sample Conditioning Systems Regulator & Gauge Assembly  
  Vacuum Box  
Skids Filter Assemblies Carts
Chemical Additive Skids CNG Fueling Stations  Test Carts
Custom Skids Feedline Assembly  Wash Carts