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San Diego | Orange Fluid System Technologies

Your Authorized Swagelok Product and Service Center

Jonathan Burris joined the San Diego Fluid System Technologies team as Project Engineer in April of 2013 and accepted the role of Director of Engineering/ Manufacturing in 2017. Jonathon brings a thorough background in mechanical engineering, with an emphasis on fluids and thermodynamics, from his prior time at UCLA. During his time there, he developed a robust understanding of Swagelok products for a variety of applications and processes. For the past four years, he has been a key player in helping many area clients simplify their designs and their supply chain with Swagelok's assembly solutions. He recently completed training as a Swagelok Field Engineer. 

"Jonathan's uncanny ability to take highly complex projects and simplify them for purposes of explanation and design, is immensely useful for our team and our customers," explained Mike Schleyhahn, President, San Diego Fluid System Technologies.

Jonathon Burris SwagelokBackground
Jonathan knew engineering was an option for him early on. He attended NC State University as an undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering, but always wanted to come to California. As a result, UCLA was the only graduate Mechanical Engineering program he applied for. The school offered him a teaching- assistant position and in-state tuition, so the decision was easy. 

"I began my graduate student work as a teaching assistant for Thermodynamics. The professor of the class offered me a position as a paid graduate student researcher on his team after my commitment as a teaching assistant was completed. My research was experimental work in the field of magnetohydrodynamics, which is the flow of liquid metals inside magnetic fields. Experimental research in the university setting is rewarding because it is hands on work that you control from start to finish. Swagelok products were used extensively on our experiments. I stayed on at UCLA, after graduating from the Master's program, as a research staff member. My primary work contributed to the ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) Nuclear Fusion project currently being built in France. Fusion is a potential nuclear power source that will be cleaner and safer than current fission reactors, and hopefully is something I will see in my lifetime.”

When Jonathan decided to move to San Diego, he was pleased to join San Diego Fluid System Technologies.

"My research dealt specifically with measuring, interpreting, and understanding the flow characteristics of liquid metals inside large magnetic fields. Studying flow characteristic, such as velocity profiles, pressure drops, etc, in my research, has really helped me to add value to our customers by recognizing potential solutions in their fluid applications." 

Engineering Support

Jonathan is the technical point of contact for Custom Solutions services, specifically assemblies and tube bending. He works with customers to create their CAD models and helps them to select components that will be included, as well as quoting the project. He then manages his local team of integrators through scheduling, procurement and fabrication. On a daily basis, he is the primary resource for San Diego FST associates to assist on in-depth technical questions. 

"I visit customer locations on a regular basis to address assembly and fabrication needs that they want to discuss. I also visit customers' facilities to learn more from them about the issues and challenges that they face in their operations. I have been able to recognize a few areas in particular where Swagelok products or assemblies can add efficiency or effectiveness at these facilities.”

According to Mark Baran, Services Manager, who works closely with Jonathan on development of custom assemblies, 

"He is an exceptional professional whose talent lies not only in his engineering prowess and experiences but his unassuming disposition. It allows him to articulate difficult and complex impediments and turn subsequent solutions into simple, understandable prose that everyone on the customer's team can completely understand. Confident in his convictions, values driven, no fanfare…just results.”

When asked about what he has learned about San Diego FST, Jonathan said, "this group of integrators has years of solid experience with fabricating assemblies. I tell customers 'we can build that' all the time. Our CNC tube bending, orbital welding and fabrication capabilities are our key strengths in particular.”

"San Diego Fluid System Technologies was one of the first Swagelok authorized sales and service centers to invest in CNC tube bending, in order to provide a full service approach to tube bending for our customers in Southernmost California. We actually just bought a new CNC tube bending machine that will allow us to coil tubes and bend in both directions with multiple radii.”

Customers are encouraged to utilize resources like Jonathan and the customer service team for component identification, assembly or fabrication queries. Please call 858.320.4000 for more information or email us at if you have specific questions you would like to address.