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San Diego | Orange Fluid System Technologies

Your Authorized Swagelok Product and Service Center

We know you know your stuff. Your operation is unique and you have a handle on the day to day workings. You probably even know Swagelok fittings inside and out.

But do your hoses get much attention? For many companies, the hoses that they rely on to carry critical fluids aren't something they want to spend time on. Understandably. Once hoses are spec'd and installed, they need to carry their load. 

Swagelok's new Hose Essentials and Advisory  services have generated a wealth of best practices we can arm you with, to make sure you're on top of hose selection, installation and maintenance schedules. Join us for a webinar on May 9th to learn the some of the valuable information we've collected from manufacturing hoses and having access to a range of global applications over the years. Join us if any of these concern you:

  • Are you tired of spending your limited budget continuously replacing the same damaged or worn hoses?
  • Are hose related problems costing your plant money from unplanned downtime or wasted products? 
  • More importantly, are these hose related issues potentially risking injuries to your employees and damage to the environment?
  • Do you have other priorities and day-to-day activities that prevent you from giving your hoses the attention they deserve?