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San Diego | Orange Fluid System Technologies

Your Authorized Swagelok Product and Service Center

When Swagelok trains your team, it ensures that the same level of quality carries over through installation and improves your operations. Improve the overall safety of the work environment, increase productivity and keep abreast of the latest fluid system technologies with our comprehensive customer training and education programs. Click on a class below to learn more and review dates pre-scheduled in 2018!

Tube Fitting Installation and Tube Bending Essentials

If your team uses Swagelok fittings, make sure they are trained in proper installation by our local expert. Proper techniques can maximize the life of your systems for the long run. This course is designed to teach students foundational tube fitting knowledge that will minimize risk of leakage and ensure system integrity. Upon course completion, students will know how to properly select, cut and deburr tubing, correctly assemble a Swagelok® tube fitting, and gauge a tube fitting assembly. They will gain an understanding of the differences in tube fitting designs, tube fitting components and their importance to proper assembly. Additionally, students will be able to identify thread types and installation practices, and properly prepare threaded installations. This one day course also includes a basic introduction to hand tube bending.

Tube Fitting Inspection

Swagelok now offers the next step in proper installation and safety training with Tube Fitting Inspection Essentials. This course is for the direct purpose of identifying correctly installed systems and teaches you to recognize potential safety hazards.

Steam System Action Points 

Swagelok Energy Advisors' trainer, Kelly Paffel, is recognized worldwide for his 41 years of experience with steam, compressed gas systems & power operations. Energy audits can return hundreds of thousands of dollars of savings per year by identifying system leaks in a large facility. This is a great opportunity for your associates to learn more and identify potential issues themselves.


ASME Section IX-Certified Orbital Welding

This intensive, hands on course teaches the proper method for orbital welding using the Swagelok M200 welder, which is available for purchase or rental depending on your company's needs. Attendees will take the ASME Section IX exam on the last day, a great opportunity for development and continuous improvement of your teams' capabilities. Taught by Swagelok corporate trainers. 


Hose Essentials

Learn how proper hose selection and assembly can improve your system’s operation. By attending Hose Essentials Training you will learn how to extend your production cycle, ensure safety and lower total cost of ownership. Develop an understanding of how to evaluate hose fit for purpose and selection variables. You will walk away from this training with the ability to confidently list common hose inspection practices and discuss the best practices for preventative maintenance of hoses.

Valve Essentials

This new training class on valve selection covers a wide range of selection, best practice and maintenance topics. It is ideal for those responsible for specification and troubleshooting your system's valves.