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San Diego | Orange Fluid System Technologies

Your Authorized Swagelok Product and Service Center

Fitting Essentials Classes

tube fitting
Make training part of your quality assurance process to maintain a leak free fluid systems and a safe operation.
Proper techniques and fundamental knowledge are imperative for maximizing the life of your system. Gain the understanding necessary to correctly introduce bent tubing, while reducing work time, and improving your system performance. For each improperly installed tube fitting a specific and costly danger exists. Product and installation knowledge is the solution to that danger.

NEW: Our knowledgeable associates will visit your facility within two weeks of training and observe your installers to verify comprehension of what they've learned!

Tube Fitting Essentials (4 Hours) and Tube Bending Essentials (4 Hours)

Minimize your risk of leaks and ensure your system’s integrity by teaching technicians to:

  • determine thread types, tube fitting design, and installation practices
  • gain hands on experience with tube selection, handling, and installation
  • attain an understanding of tube fitting components and their importance to proper assembly
  • identify the theory and practice of tube bending
  • establish knowledge of the measure-bend method through hands on exercises
  • demonstrate essential concepts to complete quality bends

Tube Fitting Inspection Training (4 Hours)

Ideal for those responsible for overseeing proper tube fitting installation work of others, from managers to QA personnel. 

Become an expert at identifying problems before they occur. Let us show you how to expertly:

• identify correctly installed tubing, pipe, and tube fittings
• install and reassemble Swagelok tube fitting components
• pinpoint potential safety hazards and dangers of mixing fitting components
• recognize common tube bending defects
• apply thread sealants and lubricants
• select the suitable tubing types for specific applications
• determine correct tube system placements

Lean more here about available dates.