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Kelly Paffel

A recognized worldwide authority in industrial steam systems, Mr. Paffel is able to combine a lifetime of technical expertise with a down-to-earth style of lecturing that has assisted many of his students in grasping some very difficult topics and utilizing them in their daily activities. Mr. Paffel has 35 years of experience in steam, compressed air systems and power operations. In addition to his lecturing, Mr. Paffel has published many technical papers on the topics of steam and compressed air system design and operation. 

Over the past 28 years, Mr. Paffel has personally conducted thousands of steam system audits, project management tasks, product design, engineering assignments and training sessions in the United States and overseas in such places as Egypt, Singapore and other countries. Having conducted thousands of steam system audits, he has a "real-world" grasp of trouble-shooting actual and potential problems in the utilities of steam systems. Mr. Paffel has achieved Steam System Level V certification in Steam Systems. 

Mr. Paffel is also a member of the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Steam Best Practices Committee and Steam Technical Committee. 

Articles and Papers; Bridging the Gap Between Training and Knowledge (Maintenance Technology); Brewery steam system (First Key, Vancouver, CA); Improving Steam System Performance: (A Sourcebook for Industry – US DOE); Building a case for better air compressed air system (Plant Services); Maintaining Steam Traps (Facility Management); Pressurized condensate Return Systems, (Pumps and System Magazine); Putting steam system reliability on the front burner (Process Heat); Water hammer (Chemical Engineering); Control Valve Installation Best Practices (Process Heat); Safety Valve Installation Best Practices (Chemical Engineering); Testing Steam Traps (Thermal Solutions – 2007)

Specialties: Industrial Steam Systems