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Tube Bending Technology

The Latest in Tube Bending Technology is available

San Diego Fluid System Technologies is pleased to announce the addition of a new state-of-the-art CNC tube bending machine, available at the Swagelok® Custom Solutions facility in San Diego.

Automated CNC tube bending is ideal for high volume, repetitive or unique tube bending shapes and has been a core competency at the company for several years now. The new machine, one of only five in the country, allows the company to deliver more intricate shapes, such as coils, and meet the exacting tolerances required by its' customers. cnc tube bender, eaton leonard

“We have used CNC tube bending for a broad variety of industries and applications over the years. We are expanding upon our ability to meet our customers’ requirements. This is the best investment we could make for customers who buy Swagelok tube fittings and need bent tube shapes, in addition to other fabrication and assemblies. By allowing us to be a one stop shop and bend their tubes, they save time and space internally and receive high quality, repeatable parts that are ready to install," explains Mike Schleyhahn, President.

The new CNC bender, an electric Eaton Leonard VB 25 DR, is well suited for small geometry and complex shapes, such as coils. It does this with a dual rotation arm that works clockwise and counterclockwise, essentially working as a left hand bender or a right hand bender.

Applications requiring 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2” wall thickness with “heat exchanger-like” geometry will be able to be executed upon. Bent tubes are used in a variety of products and the service is not limited to fluid applications.

For tubing from 1/4” to 1” OD, the new machine easily bends even coils and serpentine shapes. It delivers precise specifications when paired with the vector measurement machine, which measures exact coordinates. The new, highly accurate measurement arm is mobile, allowing reverse engineering of tube shapes by measuring on site at the customer location. Specifications are then sent to the CNC bender to recreate the shapes and can be saved for later reference.

Mark Baran, Swagelok Custom Solutions Manager, adds, “Our manufacturer customers, in particular, who integrate tubing into their products, have found a lot of benefits to using our CNC bending services. When many of the same shapes are required and the standards are exacting, this is the best tool available. It increases throughput, reduces scrap, and takes the weight off the customer’s workforce. We are the only source in the area that can deliver on intricate tube shapes, swage the tube fittings properly, and ship them to the customer ready-to-go and backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.”