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San Diego | Orange Fluid System Technologies

Your Authorized Swagelok Product and Service Center

Biopharmaceutical and medical device innovation is important to our local economy and Swagelok is ready to support these companies. Our experience ranges from device manufacturing to lab reliability testing and facility gas distribution to coating applications.

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Whether a lab, production or construction environment, Swagelok works with you to deliver quality fluid systems using seamless processes.

Our experience can help you achieve your goals by adding efficiency, safety and quality to laboratory and manufacturing operations. We can also optimize the design of the system as specified and source, assemble, weld and package the panels or part for the client, backed by Swagelok's Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Relevant Applications:

Hose Assemblies with End Connections

  • S, U, X Series PTFE Hose – For feed lines, steam lines, USP water lines, clean in place systems, filling equipment, transfer panels, hazardous waste, point of use in labs, ceiling/ air drops, coating lines, washer carts
  • PB Series Rubber Hose - For cooling lines
  • CT Series Hose – Water applications for dialysis

Regulator & Hose Assembly

This example was used to change the media that flows through a panel into a laser chamber. During bottle change of the media, the regulator and hose assembly is connected to the panel, flowing neon through the panel and laser chamber to prevent air and moisture from entering the system while the change occurs. 

Products used include: a specially cleaned KPR regulator with two ultra-high purity PGU gauges, two ultra-high purity diaphragm valves, an FW series filter, a CW check valve, and a PTFE hose along with necessary tube, VCR, and VCO fittings.

Panels used in Treatment Devices

This example was used to control the atmosphere inside a laser chamber on the inlet and deliver the exhaust from the chamber to a scrubber for acid removal. A clean design with no NPT connections, fewer potential leak points overall, and better control of the system's pressure were required. The solution used welded fittings, tube fittings (with swaged and o-ring seals), VCR and VCO fittings. Ultra-high purity (UHP) diaphragm valves, UHP pressure gauges, a UHP HF series compact gas regulator, a burst disc, and a pressure transducer. Solenoid valves were sourced from a 3rd party for the panel. The HF Series regulator is pre-set and cannot be tampered with, which performs better than a standard spring-loaded panel and allows for better control within the operating environment.

Pneumatic Cryogenic Enclosures

By collaborating with our customers on prototyping, validation and supply chain support, we are able to provide technical resources to streamline manufacturing of cryogenic enclosures.  

Assembly & Fabrication Services

  • Design optimization
  • Orbital Welding
  • Packaging

SC-11 Cleaning Specification