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Swagelok hydrogen fuel cell fittings

The hydrogen market is moving quickly and evolving rapidly. Vehicle OEMs and infrastructure developers are scaling production while tackling the unique challenges inherent to hydrogen containment and transfer. Swagelok's expertise extends, in particular, to light and heavy-duty trucks and buses and high-integrity systems for hydrogen infrastructure.

Hydrogen embrittlement and degradation can impact critical system components, compromising the materials' integrity and potentially leading to failures. Small-molecule hydrogen gas can escape from even the smallest connection gaps, leading to gas leaks and safety concerns.

High-containment pressures (up to 1050 bar [15 200 psi]) require high-performance components where traditional options simply are not suitable. Swagelok can help overcome these challenges. With critical fluid system components and fittings designed specifically for hydrogen containment, backed by unmatched materials science experience and a suite of supplemental services, Swagelok solutions deliver reliable performance. 

hydrogen-compatible products

Top Products for Hydrogen Applications include:

Services to consider:

  • CNC Tube bending
  • Pre-swaging of tube fittings
  • Assembly of gas fill panels, or fluid systems integrated into dispensers, compressors, and fuel line solutions