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San Diego | Orange Fluid System Technologies

Your Authorized Swagelok Product and Service Center

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Swagelok delivers consistent technical support, supply and installation for Naval and marine applications from design through to build and commissioning. 

Review the Top Products for Shipbuilding Applications

  • Swagelok Tube Fittings meet the highest quality, safety & reliability requirements. They are the sole NAVSEA-approved two ferrule MAFs for use on United States Navy Surface Ships, per IAW ASTM F1387*. View a complete list of Swagelok certifications for shipbuilding applications.
  • San Diego Fluid System Technologies is responsible for servicing all of 3rd Fleet. 
  • Since we are local, we can satisfy your requirements via email, phone or direct Swagelok technician on site. Our local representative holds the rapid pass and can be of service pier side. 
  • Your Swagelok components are available for pick up at our will-call desk or we can deliver via UPS/FEDEX directly to your ship within 24-hours.

Relevant Applications

Swagelok is in a unique position to support Naval projects on a global scale. Locally, we service the U.S. Navy third fleet and have had detailed involvement with the USNS Mercy. There are several key areas where we can commonly provide support:

Hydraulic actuation systems

Cleanliness and is essential to proper operation of these systems involving steering, aircraft elevators, propeller systems and damage control valves. O.D. tubing and Mechanically Attached Fittings (MAF) have been used for applications up to 1" O.D.

Air (compressed) systems

Design for high pressure air and cleanliness for these systems involving gas pressure and diesel engines, pneumatic hoists and control air for regulating valves. Copper-nickel alloy tubing and Monel fittings are available for uses like these. 

Lube oil systems

Crucial to a ship's propulsion, the pressures and temperatures involved are within range of current Swagelok products, in most cases. 

Potable water systems

Post-installation cleanliness is vital to provide consumable water using brazing/ welding and flushing processes. Swagelok MAF are available for these uses, as well as sizes up to 1" O.D. in Monel grip type fittings, along with class 200 70-30 copper nickel alloy tubing.

Chill and Sea Water Piping 

Submersible and diving applications

Including the Deep Rover submersiblehyperbaric chamber technology and tube bending assemblies used on ROVs to clean tankers and large boats.