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Leak detection case study

Power Plant Pre-Turnover Audit

After completed construction, our power plant customer asked us to audit the quality of work and installation procedures used by their contractors prior to turnover. They engaged our field engineers to validate that tube runs and tube supports were properly installed and unlikely to leak. Onsite, we identified a number of hoses that could benefit from installation improvements as well and we helped them to document these procedures. 

OEM Assembly Process Audit

Our customer, a manufacturer, enlisted us to audit their installation procedures under a 12 -month agreement. This included a series of audits which resulted in non-conformance identification and over 18 opportunities for improvement, which were presented to directors in a detailed report. Training was conducted over this time period for several hundred technicians and engineering associates. Through this, we also assisted in re-writing their assembly documentation for better hands-on practices. 

Weld Advisory Serviceengineer inspection

Our client was a life science equipment manufacturer that regularly encountered issues with components welded in house. They enlisted us to schedule regular 'on-site' time to troubleshoot where these issues were occurring and train where need. Quarterly issue summaries were established to drive long-term process improvements.

Test Stand Evaluation

Our client, a measurement device manufacturer, requested advisement on the safety of test stands they were building. Our field engineers were able review the P&ID of the proposed equipment and to observe and comment on the procedures for test use. We provided a detailed evaluation after these steps and the customer implemented our recommendations for a safer product. 

Production Support Systems Evaluation

Our customer was a fire suppression equipment manufacturer who requested an evaluation of their production support systems for safety issues. Through this evaluation, we were able to provide on-demand trouble-shooting of any process issues and worked with them to build and document new systems. We assisted them in documenting the systems and maintaining current revisions for proper execution. 

Assembly Services

Interested in using our local expertise to build assemblies and free up resources in house? Learn more here

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