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San Diego | Orange Fluid System Technologies

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Here's what Gerald De Mint of California Analytical Instruments has to say about his experience...

"Our company, CAI, has been a San Diego Fluid System Technologies customer for over fifteen years. The relationship goes well beyond a normal customer/ vendor relationship; it’s more like a partnership. As our business has grown, so has this partnership. When our sales rep, Bob Sellers, came to me to offer tube bending services, I was a little skeptical because we manufacture custom analytical systems and employ our own top notch tube benders. I declined the offer due to the way we manufacture our systems; no two tube runs are the same and I am old-school in my thinking on building our custom products. But when we were in the process of designing a more standard product that utilized about 12 different tubes, where each individual tube would be identical in all units, I decided to give San Diego Fluid System Technologies a shot.

After receiving the quote from Bob and doing an analysis of the cost for our company to manufacture these tubes, I was surprised that it was more cost effective to have San Diego Fluid System Technologies produce the tubes. After receiving the 20 sets of tubes, after about four weeks of ARO, I found that they were very well made. All tubes of each variety were identical to each other and were well within the specs of our engineering drawings, the ends were clean and square and they were packaged and labeled as we had specified. All of the tubes fit perfectly into our products and saved us at least 90 minutes in build time for this product. In conclusion, it was a good experience for our company and I won’t hesitate in the future to use San Diego Fluid System Technologies for tube bending services."

Gerald A. De Mint
Senior V.P. Engineering and Manufacturing
California Analytical Instruments