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Notification of Change Level 1

Swagelok has earned a reputation for unmatched quality and consistency at the component level. We are committed to maintaining this reputation while continuing to grow and improve our product offering. At times, this requires changes to the form, fit or function of our core products.

This Level 1 - Notification of Change sets forth changes to one or more of the products you may have purchased from Swagelok or an authorized Swagelok sales and service center. Prior to release, each change listed was carefully evaluated in accordance with the Swagelok Quality System, to minimize impact to you, our end customer. 

A Level 1 Notification relates to an applicable* change impacting Form, Fit and/or Function ("FFF") or the cosmetic appearance of a standard product. "Standard product" is any product that does not include a customer specified product or process attribute and can be purchased by any customer. This includes off-catalog product that can be assembled through designators, assemble to order ("ATO"), make to order ("MTO"), product produced by other means.

Unless otherwise noted, all changes are rolling changes and will take some time to flow through our global inventory. If you have questions regarding the impact of this change on your applications, please contact your local authorized Swagelok sales and service center representative. They, along with regional technology centers, and trained field engineers, are available to assist you.

The Following Level 1 Changes have been communicated:   

Effective Date: October 8, 2021
Product Name:  Change to Lubricant in Swagelok DH Series Diaphragm Valves with Pneumatic Actuator
Description and Reason for Change: 

DH series assemblies with pneumatic actuators have been using DuPont™ Krytox® L-220 grease in the actuator, with the trademarked named called out in the customer process sheets. We have been notified by the supplier that the manufacturer has discontinued this lubricant. This product is from a type of lubricants known as fully fluorinated grease thickened with PTFE (common name PFPE/PTFE grease). Other comparable PFPE/PTFE lubricants have been identified and will be used in these assemblies going forward. The change is effective immediately.

If an updated customer process sheet drawing is needed by your customer with the trademark name replaced with the generic name of PFPE/PTFE grease, please contact your local sales and service center.

Effective Date: August 11, 2021
Product Name:  Visual Change to Select Assembly-by-Torque (AbT) Fittings
Description and Reason for Change: 

In the spirit of continuous improvement, customers may observe a change in product marking location on SS-4ABT1-1-0400 / SS-4ABT1-1-0400XR / SS-4ABT1-1-0401 / SS-4ABT1-1-0401XR / SS-4ABT1-1-4 AbT fittings. Beginning on August 11, 2021, these products may be marked in either of two locations.
These changes do not affect form, fit, or function of the product.

Effective Date: July 27, 2021
Product Name:  General Industrial Valve Component Material 
Description and Reason for Change: 
Tetralon, a red-colored glass-filled PTFE material, is being discontinued by the current supplier and will be replaced by another glass-filled PTFE material. The new material will not contain the addition of an iron oxide pigment that gave Tetralon components a red color, resulting in a color change for the components listed below from red to white. This change has no impact to product fit or function.
Valve Series/Components Impacted:
N Series Severe-Service Union-Bonnet Needle Valves – stem packing supports
V Series Instrument Manifolds – optional reinforced PTFE flange seal
VE Series Instrument Manifold – optional glass filled PTFE bonnet seal packing
83 Series Trunnion Ball Valve – trunnion back-up ring and stem bearing (2 ways)
H83 Series Trunnion Ball Valve – seat carrier back-up rings
131, 133 Series Pneumatic Actuators – thrust washers
Based on current inventory, you may notice a change in material within approximately six months. Products containing both versions of the components may be shipped until the transition is complete.

Effective Date: July 6, 2021
Product Name:  Raw Material Source Change and Pressure Rating Update for J6 Manifold
Description and Reason for Change:

To improve delivery of J6 manifolds, Swagelok has changed raw material sources. Effective immediately, the manifold body for all J6 manifold assemblies will change from an extrusion to bar stock. Material composition is the same, and there is no impact to product performance. The change results in a different visual appearance.

As a result of the change, the width of the manifold will increase from 2.36 in. (60mm) to 2.44 in. (62 mm). 

An additional update has been made to the pressure rating for the 1 in. size end connection listed in catalog MS-02-214. The catalog previously stated a maximum working pressure of 2000 PSIG (137 BAR) at 200 °F (93 °C) for 1 in. size end connections. The catalog has been updated to reflect the actual rating of 3000 PSIG (206 BAR) at 200 °F (93 °C). All other pressure and temperature ratings remain the same.

Effective Date: June 14, 2021
Product Name:  "B" Type VCO L-Ring Face Seal Fittings Being Discontinued
Description and Reason for Change: 
As part of our ongoing commitment to review products for their growth potential and profitability, B Type VCO® L-Ring face seal fittings for applications in biotechnology and pharmaceutics will be discontinued. This decision enables us to focus our operations resources on delivering our core face seal fitting products.

B Type VCO fittings as well as valves with B Type VCO end connections will no longer be available for order as of June 14, 2021. B Type VCO L-ring seals will continue to be available until May 14, 2023. 

The standard VCO O-ring face seal fitting continues to be available.

Effective Date: May 13, 2021
Product Name:  Fluid Distribution Headers (FDH) End Cap
Description and Reason for Change: 
To increase our ability to provide solutions meeting our customers' needs in a timely fashion, Swagelok is modifying the FDH end cap configuration affecting many, but not all, of the FDH product assemblies.
Currently, FDH inlet and drain end caps can be selected from a list of several connection options (14 inlet options and 20 drain options for FDH1, 15 inlet and 22 drain options for FDH2). Effective immediately we are implementing a change to FDH end caps that will maintain product flexibility while improving availability. For FDH1 manifolds, end caps and O-rings are no longer available. Instead, the ends of the manifold bodies will be threaded with ¾ in. female NPT. Alternative end connections are available by using adapter fittings.
For FDH2 manifolds, the number of end cap configurations has been reduced to better facilitate stocking. Like the FHD1, alternative end connections can be provided using adapter fittings.  See below for the adjusted offerings for FDH1 and FDH2. This change does not affect FDH outlet connections.
In addition, the factory will be stocking select, popular FDH manifolds to improve delivery times. The FDH manifold part numbers to be stocked are:
FDH1-CB-XX-XX-XX-0 (1 in. pipe, 2 sides 180 degrees apart, 6 outlets, no pressure gauge)
FDH1-CD-XX-XX-XX-0 (1 in. pipe, 2 sides 180 degrees apart, 10 outlets, no pressure gauge)
FDH2-CB-XX-XX-XX-0 (2 in. pipe, 2 sides 180 degrees apart, 6 outlets, no pressure gauge)
FDH2-CD-XX-XX-XX-0 (2 in. pipe, 2 sides 180 degrees apart, 10 outlets, no pressure gauge)

Please be aware that the affected FDHs will be slightly longer due to the added adapter fittings.

Effective Date: May 28, 2021
Product Name:  Gaugeable Preswage Tool to Replace Non-Gaugeable Version in Select Sizes
Description and Reason for Change: 
The following non-gaugeable preswage tool sizes will be discontinued: 1/4 in., 3/8 in., 1/2 in., 5/8 in., 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, and 16 mm. The gaugeable version, which enables customers to quickly measure the gap between the nut and fitting body with a standard Swagelok gap inspection gauge during Swagelok tube fitting installation, will replace the discontinued non-gaugeable sizes. All other non-gaugeable preswage tool sizes are not impacted by this change and will continue to be available.

Effective May 28, 2021, no new orders will be accepted for the non-gaugeable versions of the preswage tool that have a gaugeable offering.

Effective Date: April 8, 2021
Product Name:  Changes to Inductive Sensor Cable Overmold
Description and Reason for Change: 
The cable overmold on the inductive sensor used in select ALD and DP series valves will have a different cosmetic appearance. Recently, global cable availability has been limited, and to meet the current demand of this sensor, our supplier is using their approved secondary source of pre-molded cables. This cosmetic change does not impact the function of the product.

Effective Date: February 18, 2021
Product Name:  VCR® Metal Gasket Face Seal Fitting Lock Device for Valves
Description and Reason for Change: 
The appearance of the ½ in. VCR metal gasket face seal fitting lock device for valves will change to match the ¼ in. size of our current offering. This change from a molded design to a stamped design will help contain costs and improve consistency across the offering. It does not impact the function of the product.

The following configurations will be impacted:
·       SS-8-VCR-VLC
·       SS-8-VCR-VLC-30708

This change will begin after at least 30 days. After the transition starts, shipments may contain both lock devices until existing stock is depleted.

Effective Date: February 8, 2021
Product Name:  Poppet Bonding Agent on Various Products
Description and Reason for Change: 
To comply with updated environmental requirements, the bonding agent used on the bonded poppets and seats in select BY, CH, CW, R4, and RL3 series valves will change from Chemlok® 250X to Chemlok 6150. This will align Swagelok with international health and safety standards. The MSDS is available upon request.


BY Series

 CH Series

CW Series 

R4 Series 

 RL3 Series 

 Elastomer Material


Buna N
Buna C

Buna N

Buna N
Buna C

Buna N

 Poppet Material

 316 SS

316 SS
Alloy 400
Alloy C276

 316 SS

 316 SS

 316 SS

Both Swagelok and the bonding agent supplier have completed validation testing. This change does not impact product ratings.
This change will begin after at least 30 days. After the transition starts, there may be shipments containing both bonding agents until existing stock is depleted.

Effective Date: January 2021
Product Name: T Series Hose

Description and Reason for Change: As announced in July 2019 and August 2020, Swagelok's Hose Service Group is transitioning the T series hose from a swaged end connection to a crimped design. The transition started with made-to-stock (MTS) products, which are listed in the catalog as BHT and MBHT, in late 2020 and is now coming to completion with Assemble to Order and Make to Order hoses.
As we finalize this transition, these will use the remaining inventory of swaged components. Once that inventory is depleted, that end connection will begin using crimped components. If two different end connection styles are needed on a hose, the end connections will not be mixed between connection methods (both will be swage or both will be crimp). Furthermore, a single order will not use mixed styles.
To assist in making this transition as smooth as possible for customers, all existing certifications on the swage design (such as CRN and ECE) are already in place for the crimp design.

As a reminder, the new design offers significant advantages over the swaged product:
•  Increased pressure rating at elevated temperatures, potentially increasing customer applications
•  Improved traceability with the transition of the product from material trace 2 to a trace 1 design with a stamped heat code
•  Consideration for inclusion for assembly at our sales and service centers around the world. Our plan is to further investigate this capability in 2021.

The product catalog, Hose and Flexible Tubing, MS-01-180, will be updated in the coming weeks to reflect the updated appearance, pressure ratings, and live lengths.

Effective Date: January 5, 2021

Product Name: AFS and 40 Series Valves

Description and Reason for Change:  In the spirit of continuous improvement, we are changing the nylon handles used on our standard AFS and 45 series ball valves by replacing the current brass handle insert with a more robust, stainless steel handle insert. The new handle will be easier to actuate and will incorporate the handle stop into the handle, removing the need for an additional handle stop insert.

This change will not affect the handle function or any valve ordering numbers. However, it will result in a change to the size of the handle used for 45 series valves and in handle kit ordering numbers. The new handle will carry the same dimensions as the current AFS series handle.

Made-to-stock valve orders may see the old handles until stock is depleted. If you require a 45 series valve with the old handle using the brass insert, we will continue to offer kits with the old handle (ordering number BZ-5K-45-BK) for up to two years. If a customer requires a valve assembled with the original 45 series handle, the local sales and service center must contact Swagelok Technical Service. 
We are implementing the same change to existing 42, 43, and 44 series handles in Q2 2021, updating the handle insert from brass to stainless steel. This will make the handle consistent with the 40G handle design, which already includes the stainless steel insert. This will not change the fit or function of these valves, and there will not be any changes to end item or handle kit ordering numbers. The transition will be implemented as inventory is depleted and you may see shipments containing both handle types during this time.

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* Applicable changes which would require notification to a Distributor or end user include changes which impact the form, fit or function of a product attribute or measurement as described in Swagelok data readily available to customers or when a change is made that is cosmetically detectable to the customer.

Effective Date: 6/1/17

Product Name: Snoop Liquid Leak Detector