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Swagelok's Ongoing COVID-19 Response

Posted November 2020

Through open communication, close collaboration, and sharp customer focus, Swagelok has sustained product availability and mitigated the impact of potential supply chain disruptions from the very beginning of the COVID-19 global pandemic. 
Operational decisions are grounded by our core values, guided by state government requirements, and shaped by recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO). The safety of our customers and associates is at the forefront of these efforts. 
While customer and associate safety and supply chain actions are in place to ensure business continuity and are ongoing, Swagelok has prepared for a potential second wave of COVID-19 cases by: 

  • Planning based on forecasts to support the varying economic recoveries of our markets;
  • Holding raw materials, components, and finished goods inventories at higher levels to mitigate supply chain risks;
  • Hiring to increased staffing levels as insulation from potentially higher associate absenteeism;
  • Cross-training associates to deepen our bench of skilled machine operators;
  • Maintaining stringent cleaning, disinfecting, and safety protocols in every facility; and 
  • Continuing work-from-home requirements for office associates. 

Other actions taken for the health and safety of associates, customers, and our communities include the limitation of business travel, the cancellation of corporate meetings and events, and the continuation of COVID-19 prevention communication for associates. 
As a result, all Swagelok plants have remained operational with no interruption to product shipments.  Current service levels for made-to-stock items are well above targets and average lead times are consistent with pre-COVID-19 levels—assemble-to-order products at two weeks and made-to-order products at five-and-a-half weeks. 
Swagelok would like customers to know we are prepared to sustain product availability and deal with supply chain disruptions caused by any potential increase of COVID-19 cases in the coming months. We are ready to serve all customers when they return to full production after the global pandemic subsides. 

We wish you a safe and happy holiday season and encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns.