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San Diego | Orange Fluid System Technologies

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If the project is important enough to use high quality parts, it only makes sense to use the exact tools that you need. Did you know that in addition to selling components for fluid systems, Swagelok also has a wide variety of tools and equipment for building your assemblies?

From individual parts to complete sets, we have what you need to properly install and check your Swagelok tube fittings.

Gap Inspection Gauges:

Need to know if a fitting is pulled up properly? No problem. Our gap inspection gauges show if the full turn and a quarter, or ¾ turn for 1 inch or greater, has been completed on the first use of a tube fitting. (While tube fittings can be reused, the gap gauge can only detect proper pull up for the first usage.)

Tube Benders:

Need to make some precise bends in tubing? So long as they are materials that can be used with Swagelok tube fittings, Swagelok has benders for you. For tubing from ¼” to ½”, there are hand tube benders. For ODs from ½” – 1”, our bench top bender is available in either manual or electric models.

Need inspection gauges and tube benders in a variety of sizes? Consider getting our tool kits, which is all of that and more!

Tool Kit:

Want all of your hand tools in one convenient package? The Swagelok toolkit is the ultimate set of fabrication tools for use with the three most common tubing sizes – ¼, 3/8, and ½ inch OD. Included are hand tube benders, a tube cutter, deburring tool, gap inspection gauges, our Tube Fitters Manual, Tee Wrenches, Rachet Wrenches, and Pre-swaging tools. All of these items come in a lockable, water-resistant, injection-molded case with a foam interior for easy transport.

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