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Orbital Welding Training

orbital welding

Effective welders must obtain up-to-date and accurate training due to the complexity of consistently achieving acceptable orbital welds. This 5 day course consists of a series of lectures and hands on activities to develop an understanding of orbital welding principles. A theoretical and practical exam is administered at the end of the course to test comprehension and the fifth day is reserved for ASME Section IX testing. 

  • Instruction from a Certified Weld Inspector (CWI) and Weld Educator (CWE) from Swagelok headquarters.
  • A comprehensive understanding of weld principles.
  • Instructions for set up and operation of the orbital welding system.
  • Knowledge of how to troubleshoot and identify frequently encountered welding problems.
  • An emphasis on operational issues using hands on experience.
  • The training may qualify for QA/ QC requirements for your company
  • Students receive a reference workbook, users' manual and signed certificate of completion.

Who should attend?

  • Welders with orbital welding experience who wish to upgrade their skills or obtain ASME qualification
  • Welders without orbital welding experience who would like to learn the techniques
  • Supervisors of orbital welding operations
  • Engineers who design systems that include orbital welding
  • Quality assurance and quality control personnel

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Topics to be covered include:

Background on basic welding Setup and operation of orbital welding equipment
Basic metallurgy for orbital welding Preventative Maintenance
Tungsten Electrodes Troubleshooting
Shielding & backing purge gasses and procedures Industry weld specifications
 A variety of weld procedures Hands-on experience on applications with micro-fit fittings to 4 inch diameter tubing