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tech tips

Swagelok Tech Tips offer a wealth of "how to" videos – everything from the basics of how to correctly apply PTFE tape, to the much more complex topic of flattening regulator flow curves, and everywhere in between. 

Each video is between one and four minutes long and shows the step-by-step process being discussed, as well as common errors. Also throughout each video are helpful hints and cautions about when a specific product might not be appropriate for certain applications. Click on a title below to watch. 

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Part Selection & Misc

Swagelok Tube Fitting Installation Four Steps to Choosing a Hose Material Selection
Components of a Swagelok Fitting PTFE Hose Tube Fitter's Toolbox
Check Installation of Fittings Rubber Hose Identifying Thread Pitch & Size
Install a VCR Face Seal Fitting How to Choose the Right Hose Using a Hand Tube Bender
Fitting Plug Assembly Selecting Hose End Connections Flow Capacity & Pressure Drop
Tube Fitting Assembly


Fix Alignment w/ Tube Adapters
Tube Adapter Assembly The Tube Cutter & Deburring Tool Swagelok Filters


Tubing Cap Assembly Swagelok Quick Connects
Check Valve Basics Proper Tube Preparation PTFE Tape Application
Lock Out Tag Options for Valves What Tubing is Right by Application SWAK Application
How to Choose a Needle Valve Benchtop Tube Bender Make a Manifold
Adjust Packing & Rebuild Valves Multi Hydraulic Swager (MHSU) M200 Orbital Welder


See for yourself how much pressure Swagelok fittings can take in this extreme testing scenario.