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50,000 times the force of gravity.

More than 135,000 thrust of horsepower.

180 times the power of a Formula 1 race car.

The Bloodhound Supersonic Car is complete and ready to crush world records. Swagelok components are used on the more critical systems onboard. Our parts are responsible for important elements, including breaking, fuel, and hydraulic applications.

When Andy Green, a Fighter Pilot in the Royal Air Force, gets behind the wheel in the African desert he will be relying on Swagelok parts to sustain the force of 1,000 mph. Andy will shatter the World Land Speed Record in a car that is faster than a speeding bullet.

The Bloodhound Project announced the official date of the first attempt at the record. An initial slow speed shakedown test is scheduled for June 2017 in Newquay, England.

The Bloodhound Project team aims to collect live-streaming data and imagery of the car. The team’s mission is to share the experience globally when the Bloodhound breaks the record. This speed shakedown test is as much a dry run for the team as it is for the vehicle.

With this test successfully completed, the Bloodhound will be loaded into a CargoLogicAir Boeing 747 freighter and moved to Upington, South Africa. In October 2017 the Kalahari Desert in South Africa will be the setting for the first attempt of the Supersonic Car to reach 800mph.

The clock is ticking and the world is eager in anticipation for this milestone efforts to take place. Swagelok is proud to be a part of this monumental moment.

The Bloodhound Supersonic Car is a go! Stay tuned for more developments of this exciting event!

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