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New Oil and Gas Offerings

Last year Swagelok surveyed its customers around the world. The results from the Oil and Gas field came across loud and clear: More alloy options to accommodate industry requirements, particularly those meeting 6-Moly specifications. Thank you for your feedback. Swagelok is acting on it.

To better serve and support customers who use products in corrosive and high-pressure environments, Swagelok is expanding the range of alloys available. In addition to the existing product portfolio, rated 6-moly tube fittings (both ¾ and 1 inch) are being added, as well as CH and 83 Series valves in all sizes that are currently available in the special alloy product catalog.

6XN is soon to be available. 6XN – which contains an additional 6% of nickel content – has more corrosion resistance compared to Alloy 254 (which is commonly used in the industry and in Swagelok products that meet 6-Moly specifications). Within the next year, Swagelok will transition away from Alloy 254 to 6XN exclusively.

Part numbers will also be changing as a result. All Alloy 254 fitting ordering numbers will become a new 6MO ordering number. For example, 254-400-1-4 will change to 6MO-400-1-4. With tubing, however, the 254 prefix will remain unchanged.

Finally, lead times. Swagelok has been able to improve fittings lead times by stocking 29 of the most frequently ordered part numbers. All other part numbers will be made to order.

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